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From the very beginning, the Skincode team partnered with globally recognized Swiss dermatologists, ingredient experts and laboratories to implement the latest in science and dermatological research. 

Caring for the beauty and well-being of skin is their main concern. Skincode strives to develop high-performance, medical-grade formulas, which not only bring visible results, but also assure extremely high skin tolerance. The two innovative product collections - Skincode Essentials and Skincode Exclusive, are a pure reflection of the brand’s strict principles and the needs of women and men all around the world. 

ELLA K is a state of mind. It is a way of looking at the world differently, it is the search for beauty through poetry. It is to dare, to explore, to push back the boundaries and discover who you are. In parallel with her work as a perfumer for the world’s most prestigious brands, Sonia Constant created her own perfume collection, ELLA K, an adventure in which she was able to fabricate her vision of the world from a more personal and philosophical point of view. Colours, atmosphere, landscapes and emotions explored during her travels are all pretexts for composing a novel olfactory ode. Just as painters and composers assemble piece by piece their creations, so Sonia Constant works with the ingredients that comprise her perfumes. ELLA K, Adventure is her religion, Liberty is her extravagance.

ORGANIC BOTANICALS, Abhati Suisse is next generation skincare and hair care that blends technology with tradition to adapt Ayurvedic beauty rituals for a contemporary audience. Cleansing, hydrating and soothing comes naturally for the oils, creams and soaps made for hair, body and face. Lavish in their rich consistency, conditioning properties and their subtle yet addictive fragrances. A significant part of their profit goes to support local farms, woodland and education programs. Abhati supporters have sent 378.000 girls in India to school. They work closely with, an initiative which has been instrumental in planting over 15 million trees so far. Abhati’s social and environmental impact has been rewarded with the BCorp certification for using business as a force for good. Customers can be assured that they are supporting not one but many excellent causes. Which is another reason to shine.* (Abhati means “shine” in Sanskrit)


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