Passion is the cornerstone of everything Copenhagen Distillery does. They have built a dedicated team of individuals who believe whole- heartedly in the fine artisan craft of distillation with the mission to change the world of spirits by challenging its conventions while respecting its traditions.Through design, experimentation and radical thinking, Copenhagen Distillery propel into new and uncharted territories. Because of their bold sense of adventure, they discover tastes, combinations, and flavours that have never been experienced before. All spirits are organic certified. Alongside this, in all aspects of the production, they operate with sustainability as a critical principle. The offer ranges from Ultra- and Super Premium awarded Single Malt Whiskey, Aquavit to Gin. The spirits from Copenhagen Distillery have reached already renowned international bars, Michelin star restaurants and Premium department stores.


Managing Director Frank Passmann

Im Stilwerk | Grosse Elbstrasse 68 | 22767 Hamburg | Germany

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